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Current News

05/07/16 – Tuesday – the past two weeks we have had 105 & then 106 kids come to the after school Bible Club at our kids public school. Pray for wisdom as we look at how to restructure the program for next year due to space issues. What a great problem to have! The “Grief Share” men’s group that Sam was facilitating has been completed. Thank you for all your prayers.

04/06/16 – Tuesday – Last night Jen meet with the Pastor’s wife and another lady from church. They discussed women’s ministry and started planning a mini-women’s retreat for late May. The goal is to invite un-saved and un-churched friends and neighbors.

Bible Club went very well last night. There was 88 kids that came. I finished my “series” of Bible lessons on Easter. The kids listened closely and heard the gospel message again. Continue to pray for their salvation.

03/15/16 – Tuesday – Continue to pray for the “Grief Share” counseling classes that Sam is leading on Thursday nights at church. This class is for the men. It has been going well and the material is very well done.

03/13/16 – Sunday – I (Sam) enjoyed being with two of our “supporting” churches from our time with BMM last Sunday. I was able to give an update about what God is doing and how He is leading concerning full time ministry. Also, last Tuesday for after school Bible Club we had 81 kids! It was packed. We are using a very good video that explains what Easter is all about. Pray for these kids and their need for Jesus.

02/01/16 – Sunday – Sam has been enjoying giving the devotional Wednesdays at the church food pantry. It gives him many chances to interact with people. Jen has started singing in the churches’ worship team Sunday mornings. We are thankful that 60+ kids keep coming each week to the Tuesday after school Bible Club. Some of the kids are very close to making decisions for Christ.

01/31/16 – Sunday – Praise!! We had a new adult helper last week! We also had a record number of kids for after school Bible Club – 63 kids. It was packed! Jen and I keep having to tweek and re-think how we run the group based on the space we have been given. The principal has been great to work with. He let us use the school gym last week for game time. Thank you for your prayers. Pray for the needed financial support to run the program.

01/21/16 – Thursday – We are praising the Lord for a record number of kids at Bible Club this week. We had 54 kids that came! A total of 80 have signed up to come. We are thankful for the financial gifts that some people have given to help pay for the Bible Club. We are at a point where we need at least one other adult helper. Please pray for this request. Pray for these young hearts as they here the truth of God’s Word.

01/13/16 – Wednesday – If you have not heard, Jen & I were able to start an after school Bible Club at our children’s public elementary school. We meet every Tuesday from 2:40-4pm. The past three weeks we have been averaging 45 kids. We are thankful to have two others mom that help out. We do not have any restrictions on what we can talk about and I have shared the gospel several times during lesson times. We also play games, have a snack and music time. Please pray for kids to get saved and for the needed finances to run the program. Many Thanks for your continued prayers.

10/01/15 – Thursday – We are seeking the Lords will concerning ministry. Sam has sent our information to several churches in Michigan that are looking for a pastor. Sam was able to go and preach at two of these churches in September. Several of the churches are in the beginning stages of their search. Please continue to pray with us.

7/31/15 – Friday – As of July 31st, 2015, we have officially resigned from Baptist Mid-Missions.

5/29/15 – Friday – Jen had to go to the neurologist a few days ago due to a four day “headache”. She was given a steroid shot in the neck that helped. The doctor said that she would probably have to come back several more times for it to have a long advantage. The kids are doing well and looking forward to school being done next week. We just found out the results from state testing concerning Emily’s reading level. She is in the 4th grade and tested above a 12th grade reading level!

3/29/15 – Sunday – Jen’s headaches have been very bad this past week. The “allergy” season of spring has been part of this but mostly still due to side effects of the chemo. Please continue to pray for her feet and hands. Her feet have been very painful making walking difficult at times. Pray for daily strength. Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

1/27/15 – Tuesday – Last week Jen had 4 or 5 doctor appointment. She is on two new medicines for her headaches. The pain in her hands and feet, which was a little better, is now back to as painful as it was before. Pray for strength for each day.

1/02/15 – Friday – Jen has met with her neurologist a couple times to find the cause of her migraines. There was a concern, she may have brain cancer. An MRI is the best test for this but because of the spacers in her chest they resorted to a CT scan. Thankfully no tumors showed up. Jen started 4 new meds and saw a chiropractor but to date has had minimal relief. Until the headaches are under control, she can’t take her oral chemo which helps keeps her cancer at bay. She still struggles with neuropathy and other side effects – some days better than others. On January 12th, she is scheduled to have outpatient surgery. Her spacers will be replaced with implants as part of the breast reconstruction process. Thank you for your prayers for healing and for our family. (From our recent prayer letter)

11/01/14 – Saturday – Jen is taking 4 different medications to try to get relief from the hand, leg and feet pain. For a few weeks it was helping a little bit, but still quite painful. However, the pat couple weeks it seems that the pain is back to where it was prior to any medications. Her headaches have not subsided either. She goes for another test next week. Emily recently had an ear infection. She and Eli are doing well in school. We continue to take life one day at a time. We are ever thankful for the Lord’s strength through all of this.

10/24/14 – Friday – Jen continues to have debilitating headaches this month. She has been put on two different medicines with almost no relief. She goes in for some more testing here in the next week to check on things. Her side effects have not been good. Please continue to pray!

10/02/14 – Thursday – Please pray for Jen. She did not have a good day. Two nights ago she got zero sleep and last night she got about two hours. She has been having serve headaches – so bad that the oncologist has had her stop her oral chemo medicine for a while.

9/27/14 – Saturday – Sorry for the long delay in posting some news. Jen is done with radiation and her skin has mostly healed from the burns. Her doctors have started her on a new oral chemo medicine. It will most likely cause severe bone mass loss. Because of this she has to go to the hospital once a month to receive I-V medicine to combat the osteoporosis issue. The pain in her hands and feet continue. She has had a little relief (some days) from the medicine. If she “does too much” one day she pays for it the next with much pain. Please continue to pray for recovery.

5/10/14 – Saturday – April 22nd, Jen saw her oncologists with three new side effects from the chemotherapy – blurred vision, sensitive teeth and neuropathy (nerve damage/pain in hands and feet). Jen was given 2 new meds to help. The oncologist decided to give her body a rest from the “toxic trauma” and told us that she would let us know how to proceed with treatment at the next visit. May 1st, Jen went back to the doctor. She said she was grasping at straws trying to figure out the best way to proceed. She consulted her senior partner. Jen has had so many side effects and neuropathy doesn’t usually affect people that early in the treatment process with this particular chemo med. The doctors decided to double her chemo dose and administer it every other week based on how she feels. They don’t want the neuropathy to worsen because that damage is permanent. We decided to follow the doctor’s advice and Jen was given a double dose of chemo that day. It made her very weak, tired and extremely sore for the next several days. May 6th, Jen’s feet started to hurt even worse. Her feet were swollen, red and the skin started to peel off. The doctor said it was another side effect – the chemo meds burned her feet from the inside out. Thankfully, Vaseline is offering some relief. Next week, Jen will have another double dose of chemotherapy.

James 1:2,3 “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.” We are reminded of these verses in James. Honestly, we have not considered cancer to be a joy every day. Some days we would rather crawl back in bed and say forget it. However, God has not given us a spirit of fear and we want to see His glory through all of this so we fight on, thankful for His strength and the joy that comes from Him. Only our God knows how many days each of us have on this earth – maybe a handful of breaths, days or years but our desire is to live for Him joyfully!

Jesus Is A Rock In A Weary Land, Sam & Jen Lake

4/13/14 – Sunday - Hello Praying Friends,
It was a tuff week! Jen had 4 doctor appointments. She started physical therapy on her arms. I had to take her to the ER a few nights ago (everything turned out alright with that). This new round of chemo she gets on Thursdays and by Saturday Jen is down for the count for 3 days or so. Sundays she typically is in a lot of pain and sleeps the whole day (as is the case today).
Today took Emily and Eli to a church that was close by our house for the hour morning service. Coming home I stopped at a drive-thru to get lunch to take home. Long story short, someone stopped suddenly and I could not. Our car is totaled but we are all ok. Our van has been in the shop for 3+ weeks and is on its last leg. I know God is still in control, but honestly, it has been a hard couple weeks. Thank you for the prayers, please keep praying.
Isaiah 41:10 – “Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.”
Til The Storm Passes By, Sam & Jen Lake

2/28/14 – Friday Night – Please pray for Jen. I took her in today for her chemo treatment at 9:20am. The nurses could not draw blood from the med port. They tried a couple different solutions and a medicine then sent her to the radiology department for x-rays. After a while the doctor came and had me go back to look at the findings. The med port tube is supposed to be in her heart. It has somehow pulled out and is on the wall of her heart. There is a large blood clot that has formed at the end of the med port tube and it has grown and wrapped itself upward around the tube. They also think it has gone up the other side of her neck. Jen was immediately admitted into ICU to be monitored. The vascular doctor was in surgery and we had to wait 6 ½ hours before we could see him. The nurses kept a good eye on Jen. During this time her blood pressure reached a high of 195/80. The vascular doctor came to see Jen at 7:20pm. They have put an IV into her hand to give meds to try to break up the clot. Tomorrow (Saturday) at about noon they are going to go up through her leg with a cath and “shoot” more meds at it for the afternoon to try to dissolve it the rest of the way. The doctors are hoping that works. After the clot is gone they have decided to remove this med port (which will be the second one removed now) and put in another one (maybe) or do a pick line (which is not a pleasant option). Please pray for the kids. We had to have friends pick them up and keep them today after school. They were very sad when I picked them up and mom was not there. On the plus side they were so sleepy they fell asleep quickly. I just spoke with Jen on the phone and she said that the vascular doctor left for the day after he saw her and he forget to order the needed meds. The hospital has to get ahold of him to place the order now before they can give the meds to her. I have to admit, this one is a little scary for us. Thank you for all the prayers. Please continue to pray. I know you will!

A Shelter In A Time Of Storm! Sam & Jen Lake

2/20/14 – Thursday – At Jen’s last chemo treatment (Valentine’s Day) it was discovered that she had a blood clot in her left jugular artery. After some searching of pharmacy the shots she needed were located. Each day she has to give herself a shot at home (I am able to do it if she can’t). Her head continues to be very swollen. About the only things to compare it to is a basketball. Her neck hurts badly and still has several other side effects. Please continue to pray for her. We tried to get out of town for 2 days mainly for the benefit of the kids but that didn’t go well. I knew Jen would not sleep well unless in her recliner and Emily throw up a couple times. So less than 24 hours later we returned home. Also, this morning the van engine started to make some weird noise and the check engine light cam on. Pray I can get it to the shop and it is nothing big to fix.

2/10/14 – Monday – Psalm 46:10 “Be Still and Know that I Am God.” During this chemo stuff that is what I am trying to focus on knowing also that Lamentations 3:21-23 says “This I recall to my mind, therefore have I hope. It is the LORD’s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.”
Chemotherapy is rough, can take the word tough right out of one’s vocabulary. The oncologist said the side effects would begin to pile up and they have even with meds. Even on my “off” weeks, I am weak and extremely fatigued. I have lost all my hair. I have mouth sores, muscle aches, waves of nausea, stomach cramps, losing my finger nails, nose bleeds, swollen face, hands, neck, trouble swallowing, loss of appetite, less control of body functions, headaches, etc. Soon I will go to weekly chemo treatments.
I am thankful for my family most of all. I see my loving husband caring me in amazing ways. I see my children just wanting to be close to momma and hear them praying for my cancer to go away. My family is my priority right now, making sure that I reserve energy and strength to love on them. People keep asking if I have a support group. I do. My parents and my sister encourage me daily. I am thankful for their faithful, beautiful Christ-like love for me and my family. I know that so many of you are praying and your words of encouragement are heartfelt.
I am thankful for opportunities to use this difficult time to share Jesus with others. My next chemo treatment is on Valentine Day. I ordered some beautiful gospel Valentine tracks and bought some chocolate roses to encourage the nurses in the chemo pods. Sam is going to paint beautiful hearts & a verse on my bald head – use what you got!
Please don’t think that I am complaining. Please don’t think for a minute that I will give up. People have been asking for an update. So to quote a friend from our home church…. “Do you want the truth or a tall tale?” This is our truth. I am determined that all of this will bring glory to God!

1/31/14 – Friday – Today is another chemo day for Jen. Eli will be at the daycare lady’s house for the day. I am thankful I can go and be with her for the treatment at the hospital. Emily will be in school. Jen has really bad stomach pain today. Hopefully the doctor can get that under control before the chemo has to start.

1/29/14 – Wednesday – Please pray for Jen and the side effects she has experienced because of the chemo. She goes for her second treatment on Friday. So far she has had severe nausea, bouts of extreme itchiness, headaches, loss of sleep, hair loss and others. Jen’s mom & dad are here for the week to help out. Jen had an appointment on Monday. Yesterday I had to take her in to the doctor unexpectedly (turned into a 3 hours trip). She also had an appointment today. The kids have been off of school for the last two days because of the weather. It is a great help when they are in school! I pray they have school tomorrow. Church services went well today. We fed about 120 people who also heard a great message from Pastor Steve Ruthlidge.

1/16/14 – Thursday – On Tuesday Jen had another med port put in. She is still sore in the neck from it. Tomorrow (Friday) she is scheduled to have her first chemo treatment. With the informational meeting with doctors and other things they said to plan to be there all day. The kids have no school tomorrow so they will have to be with babysitter/daycare. They are starting to get a little tired of the babysitter/daycare thing. I know because they said so. After that horrible cold weather we had I found our car will not start. The battery is toast so I need to try to get a new one when I get a chance. I also need to find a used seat from the junk yard for our van (the other is broke). I have a PTA meeting tonight at Emily’s school. Thank you for the prayers on Jen’s behalf and for our family.

1/06/14 – Friday – Thursday I took Jen to the ER at the hospital. The med-port they put in last week was causing great pain. After a long wait with the kids at the hospital it was determined Jen would have to be admitted. Jen had to have a cat-scan. They blew one of hers veins while putting in the dye. She also had a severe reaction to meds they gave her. I am thankful for the Lord watching over our travels. The roads were very bad. It took me 2 hours to drive the kids to babysitters so I could get back up to be with Jen. The kids were very distraught that their mom could not come home, especially Emily. None of us sleep very well last night. Please pray for Emily and Eli. Today Jen is still in pain. The cat-scans did not show any blockage. After meeting with 2 or 3 different doctors they think that some nerve damage was caused when the port was put in around, through the neck & into the heart. It looks like they will remove the port either tonight or tomorrow and put a new one in. Please continue to pray for Jen, her pain, the cancer, chemo (starting soon),

12/11/13 – Wednesday – Thank you for your patience. Sam brought me home from the hospital on Friday. The bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction surgery went well. It took some time to get my pain under control but other than being sore and tired, I am doing alright. Monday, I went back to the plastic surgeon and he was able to remove one of my drains. Hopefully, later this week, the rest of the drains will be removed. Yesterday, my main surgeon called. He said he was able to remove all the cancer in my breasts which is an item of praise. He removed 29 lymph nodes – 15 were positive for cancer. He referred me to an oncologist (cancer doctor) to discuss my chemotherapy treatments. I have multiple doctor appointments next week. I also will meet with the genetics counselor because I tested positive for the BRCA 2 gene mutation which puts me at risk for other cancers. Thanks for your prayers as we continue through this time in our lives. Thank you for remembering to pray for Sam, Emily and Eli too. Sam has been amazing in helping to care for me. Emily and Eli had a few moments of concern for their momma but are adjusting well. My sister came this week to help – huge blessing. My dad and mom are coming next week to help. Thanks for praying us through this journey with cancer. God remains faithful and we have much to be thankful for as always.

12/03/13 – Tuesday – Jen had her surgery today. She arrived at the hospital at 7:30 am, and I arrived at 8:30am after getting the kids off to school. She had to have dye injected to test the lymph nodes for cancer, which takes a few hours to be absorbed into the body. I was able to sit with her for a couple hours. Both doctors talked with us for a couple minutes to go over everything. At 12:15pm they took her back for surgery. The first doctor finished his part (removing both breast) and came to talk to me around 4:30pm. Unfortunately he said that test showed the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes and chemo will definitely be needed. He had no other info regarding the severity of the spreading or anything else. The other doctor finished and talked with me around 6pm. I was able to go back and see Jen for about 20 minutes. She was still coming out of the sleeping meds and very much in pain. The nurse was working on getting the pain under control. It was not easy to see my wife in that condition. It breaks my heart…..Harder yet to hold back my tears and smile the couple times she looked at me. Tomorrow she will find out about the spreading into the lymph nodes. I left to go pick up our kids and got home about 8:30pm. Pray for the kids. They are missing their mom, pray they will sleep well tonight. Pray for Jen to sleep well and for her pain to subside. Thank you for remembering our family.
Jen has used verses may times throughout this time in our life and I am sure she would want me to share one. One of my favorite passages is Matthew chapter 6. Two times in that chapter is says that our Heavenly Father, God, knows everything we need even before we ask Him about it. So thankful God is all knowing and cares for us. Even though He knows about Jen’s pain, cancer, etc., He still longs to hear His children talk to Him about it. Please talk to Him on Jen’s behalf!
Because He Lives, Sam & Jen Lake

12/02/13 – Monday – The second MRI assisted biopsy on Jen’s left breast showed she has cancer on that side also. It is a more aggressive form of cancer than was first found on the right side. Tomorrow, December 3rd, 2013, she will have both breast removed and start the first steps of reconstruction. The reconstruction process will take 3-4 months. Please pray for Jen’s rest, peace and healing. Pray for the doctors who will perform the surgeries. Pray for our kids – the past couple days they have started to show the concern and worry that can accompany these situations.

11/10/13 – Sunday – Just an update……Monday, Jen had a bone scan. The cancer has not spread to her bones. We’re thankful for the good news. Tuesday, Jen took the kids to the doctor. Emily needed eye drops and Eli needed help with a persistent cough. Both kids are feeling much better and we met our new family doctor. Thursday, Jen had a MRI assisted biopsy on her left breast. An earlier MRI detected an area of concern. Only 1 doctor is trained at the hospital to perform this special procedure. It was only supposed to take 2 hours but 9 hours later, Jen was finally able to come home. She was released once but experienced post-op bleeding and was sent back to the emergency room. Her surgeon met us there and bound her chest up nice and tight to prevent additional bleeding. Thanks to Shannon and Jessica for help with the kids. Friday, Jen went for genetics counseling/testing. Thankfully, our insurance is covering the cost of this expensive test. It will take a few weeks to get the test results back but hopefully we’ll gain some useful information. Her surgery (bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction surgery) is scheduled for December 3rd. Jen has at least 3 more doctor appointments and 1 more set of tests before her surgery. Thanks again for your faithful prayers. “Serve only the Lord your God and fear Him alone. Obey His commands, listen to His voice, and cling to Him.” Deuteronomy 13:4

10/28/13 – Monday – We have an update to share on Jen. We met with Jen’s doctor last Monday and the surgeon last Wednesday. At that time the shared that the tumor is small but there are a multitude of calcium deposits (which will cause trouble later if not removed). His recommendation is to perform a mastectomy and at least completely remove the right breast. This would be followed by reconstructive surgery. Last Friday Jen had a MRI and two C-T scans. She also has to meet with the plastic surgeon and a genetics doctor. We are not able to schedule the genetic appointment yet as they are checking to see if the test is covered by our insurance or not. Jen’s doctor just called back. He has her scheduled to go back in this coming Friday for another ultra sound. He said that last week’s test showed something that is cause for concern on the left breast. Please continue to keep Jen in your prayers. God is still in control! Ephesians 3:20 “Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think…”

10/22/13 – Tuesday – Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ. We have a prayer request to share. Last week Jen went to the doctor for some tests. The doctor called back late Friday afternoon to confirm that Jen has breast cancer. We met with one doctor today and will meet with another one on Wednesday. Jen will have to have surgery to remove the lump as well as radiation (5 days a week for 6 weeks). They still need to test her lymph nodes to see if it has spread any further. That will determine if chemotherapy is needed. Please pray that the cancer will be removed/cured. Pray for Jen. Pray for our kids during this time. Pray for the extra expenses that will accompany the cancer treatments and more. We know the Lord has a plan and purpose for all things and that He is in control. We are so very thankful for this fact. Thank you for your prayers.

10/03/13 – Thursday – Sam will be going back to Michigan this Sunday to meet with Rice Lake Baptist Church in Grant, Michigan. Please pray for a safe trip and good meeting as he shares the ministry. Sam had 17 last week in the teen program. Jen is seeing record numbers of teen & young women in the pregnancy program. Please pray that she can find a couple more volunteers that can serve once a week on a regular basis.

9/26/13 – Thursday – Well, the new school year has begun. The teen group is growing and has gone from 6 a year ago, to 9 last spring to running 13 the last several weeks. Please, PLEASE pray that I can get someone to help me with this program on Saturdays. Jen continues to see many young women with the pregnancy program. There are too many heart wrenching stories to share. Pray that these girls will put into practice the Biblical things they are taught here in the program.

7/10/13 – Wednesday – It is raining again, for 15 days now it has rained here in Cleveland. We had a group of about 100 people come today. Pastor Beight spoke out of Hebrews today. Three people came forward to decisions. Our daughter Emily helped out in the clothing room today. Jen had a new girl, Jazmine, stop in today. She saw the sign a couple days ago. Jen enrolled her in the program and for the first “lesson” went through a gospel tract with her. Jen was able to go through the plan of salvation with Jazmine and she accepted Christ as her Savior. After church today Sam has to drive 2+ hours to Bulter, PA tonight to give an update. After church he will drive back home (it’ll have been a long day of ministry).

7/9/13 – Tuesday – Yesterday Jen & I took Mekhi to senior high church camp. Please keep him in prayer this week. Mekhi is saved and this is his fourth time attending church camp. Last week we had 3 junior high kids that went. Pray that this experience will have a lasting & positive spiritual impact on them.

7/7/13 – Sunday – We were recently in Michigan for a meeting to share about the ministry and potentially garner new support. Sam was able to fill in for a supporting pastor for a Wednesday service. It seems that summer has bringing down the number of people for all the ministries here in Cleveland. There is much else to do during the summer – festivals, being at families, etc.

05/20/13 – Monday – Jen’s surgery went well. She is recovering but still has tenderness and pain even 1 ½ weeks later. She goes back to see the doctor this Friday. Sam took 10 teens to a “Faith & Family” day at the Cleveland Indians recently. It was a great day filled with the game, Christian player testimony time and a Christian concert at the stadium. Sam had two of the men from church go along to help.

04/22/13 – Monday – We have been at a mission conference in Canton, Ohio for Saturday, Sunday and will finish up today, Monday. We are there with one other missionary couple. The theme is “Seeking & Teaching”. Canton is about an hour from our home so we have been able to drive back and forth each night after the conference. We pray we have been an encouragement and blessing to the people at Whipple Avenue Baptist Church. Jen taught a Sunday School class, I taught the adults. After lunch with some folks from church I preached Sunday night then finished the night with pizza along with Q&A with the teen group. Today we’ll be meeting with people from the church for lunch for an informal time of Q&A. Tonight we’ll be presenting the Cleveland ministry and both missionary couples will be fielding questions from the church.

04/17/13 – Wednesday – Oh my, it has been a while since we last update the “current news” section. As you have seen & read in our prayer letters, it has been busy. Today was the mid week service here in Cleveland. It starts at 11:45am. The number of attenders was a little down probably because the weather is so very nice. Pastor Mike Aiken from Bedford Ohio spoke out of James chapter 1. We noticed a couple of new faces today that visited the church. Please pray from Linda’s brother. Linda regularly attends on Wednesdays and her brother is very sick right now.

12/29/12 – Saturday – With Christmas break going on for the teens right now, we are planning a special day for them. This coming Monday Jen and I will be having an afternoon just for them. We are going to have pizza, a New Year’s Bible devotional and some music. The church purchased a foosball table, and we were able to buy a couple other large games so this will be the first time the teens get to try them out. I encouraged them to bring some friends. Please pray that they will come, brings some friends and respond to the gospel (& the message of starting over) that will be shared.

12/06/12 – Thursday - We just received word that we have lost the support of another individual. Sam has been to a couple other churches to share about the ministry here and about our need for financial support. Please pray we can gain some additional finances. The pregnancy care center ministry has been keeping Jen especially busy. Each week brings new ladies into the program. Many thanks to all the churches and people that have sent wonderful items to stock the care closet. You are helping to make an eternal difference! Sam is continuing ministry with the teens. Last Saturday he had 10 in the class. It was a brutal day. They were very disruptive and didn’t really want to listen. Unfortunately this is not different than how they act at school. Please pray for a helper for Sam. Our family has been sick with the flu & the stomach flu a couple weeks later. Pray we can all get well and stay that way for a while.

11/05/12 – Monday – – Do you have a Nintendo DSi or DS Lite you are not using anymore? Do you have old DS games you don’t like anymore? How about the old GameBoy Advance? I am trying to acquire 3 or 4 game units to have for use with the teens when we have free time for different functions. If you have anything available, whether just a game unit, a couple games, case, charger, etc. we can put them to good use. Let me know what you have. I can even pay for the shipping if it helps. Thank you for your consideration.

10/30/12 – Tuesday – We have survived the storm so far. Our lights went in & out a couple times but stayed on for the most part. We had to take Eli to the ER yesterday. He would not eat or drink. We could see he had a sore on his tonsils and that they appeared to be bleeding. He has a severe case of tonsillitis.

Jen & I went to the church & center today. Jen saw a couple ladies in the pregnancy care center. And we were able to help a couple individuals with food. Thousands here in Cleveland are without power and heat. Please pray for them. We expect that the Wednesday services, along with the meal, will be highly attended.

10/25/12 – Thursday – Thank you for your prayers for Eli. He got his cast off a couple days ago. He is not walking on his leg 100% yet. He still complains of some pain. Pray for The schools here in Garfield Heights where our daughter Emily attends. Today, for the second time in a month, her school was put on a lock down (no one allowed in or out). There was a threat made about a gun to another area school. Last time it was a threat made directly to her school.
The Wednesday services here in Cleveland continue to see high number for those in attendance. Each Wednesday are averaging 120 with 150 here on several occasions.

10/18/12 – Thursday – Thank you for the prayers for Eli & his broken leg. Last week we had to take him back to the doctors and they took the first cast off and put a new one on. Most likely he will get the cast off for good next week. Continue to pray for Jen as she badly needs more pregnancy advisors. I also need a couple helpers on Saturday for the teen program. We have had a couple more meetings to share the ministry and try to raise support but nothing so far from our 5 or 6 meetings we have had here in Ohio.

9/22/12 – Saturday – Please pray for our 3 year old boy, Eli. Yesterday he broke his leg. We spent over 7 hours at two different ERs and got home around 12:30am. He now has a temporary cast. In a week we take him to the pediatric surgeon to see what the next step will be. It appears that most likely he will not need surgery but a hard cast. Pray for Eli. He is an active boy and it will be hard for him to have to be carried everywhere. The doctors said he cannot put any weight at all on his leg for now.

8/13/12 – Monday – Sam had a deputation meeting yesterday to garner new support. It was a small church without a pastor. There were 3 people total for Sunday School and 9 people total for church. It has been very hard to get meetings. Almost no churches we have contacted are looking to support new missionaries (in fact only one was and they want to support people going to Africa). This week VBS starts for the second time this summer. Please be in prayer for it.

7/17/12 – Tuesday – This past Sunday Sam was in Lorian, OH to share about the ministry and try to gain new support. With the church services in Cleveland being in the afternoon he had enough time to drive back home and pick Jen and the kids up to go serve downtown at Faith Baptist. Last Wednesday we had a good group of people that came for the services and meal, about 150 total.

7/3/12 – Tuesday – Last week wrapped up the first VBS of the summer. We hit a high of 68 kids. We received much help from 1st Baptist Church of Ripley, NY. The kids enjoyed games, crafts, snack, Bible lessons and more. Two boys accepted Christ as Savior. Sam was able to led one of them to the Lord.

6/11/12 – Monday – We closed and signed on our house in Garfield Heights, Ohio on May 31st. Tonight (with the help of Bible Baptist Church of Williamson, NY) we will be loading the moving truck. Tomorrow morning we will drive to Cleveland and will have help to unload from Berea Baptist Church in Berea, Ohio. Thank you to all who have helped us with the move. Pray for our family as we relocate and adjust to all things new.

5/23/12 – Wednesday – We just received word this morning from a Michigan supporting church that that have decided to “go another direction” with their support money and are dropping us. This puts us now at a $1,042 a month need in new support. Pray as we seek the direction the Lord wants us to go and we seek new support. We are supposed to close on our new house in Cleveland this week but now we are not 100% sure we will be able to afford it.

5/16/12 – Wednesday – Our next prayer letter will be in the mail today. We are still working with the bank to get our house wrapped up that we are buying. Pray that it will finish smoothly. We have finished reporting to our churches that wanted to have us back for an update. We have finalized our new support need for Cleveland. Two big changes will be incurred – paying for a place to live (we lived rent free in the Bronx church apartment except for utilities) and daycare for Eli. With these additions we are now $942 short per month in needed support. This means we will have to be “officially on deputation” again. We are busy with creating and sending info packs to churches and will be calling them to try to schedule meetings. During the week, when we are in Cleveland, we will serve at the church and center and then travel on weekend to raise our needed support. We will not be officially cleared for the field until we raise the remaining support.

4/27/12 – Friday – Sam has returned from reporting for two weeks to our Michigan churches again. We have 4 or 5 meetings left to report to churches. Pray as well continue to work with the bank to purchase a house in Garfield Heights, Ohio. We should be closing late May and then moving to Ohio. At this time we are a little over $400 a month under our needed monthly support. Please pray that more support will come in.

3/27/12 – Tuesday – Sam is off to Michigan today for a week of meetings. He hopes to stop over in Cleveland for a bit to look at a house we looked at last week to see if it is for sure the house we want to make an offer on. Pray for safe travels and for Jen and the kids as they stay back in New York. Sam will be visiting three of our supporting churches.

3/15/12 – Thursday – We continue to report to our supporting churches as we prepare to transition to Cleveland, Ohio. We have 27 churches that financially support us. So far we have 24 of those churches scheduled to visit. We will be visiting 11 of them in March. Pray for the many miles of travel.

2/25/12 – Saturday – Pray for Sam today. He is leaving to go and report to a supporting church down by Williamsport, PA. It has been snowing non-stop today and there is a severe wind advisory. Pray for safety on the roads, a good update meeting and Jen and the kids at home.

2/24/12 – Friday – We left yesterday for Cleveland, Ohio. We made the trip back to Williamson, NY this afternoon. We went for a day to drive around different areas to see where we might want to live when we move there. We crossed a few places off our list. After getting a feel for all things, the Lord again directed us as to what he wanted our family to do. Pray for us as we continue to narrow things down for our future dwelling.

2/19/12 – Sunday - We had our first update/report meeting with a supporting church today. We have 19 of our 26 supporting churches schedule to report back to. In March alone we have 11 meetings. We are very thankful for those that support us with prayer & finances so we can serve the Lord in the inner city.

2/09/12 – Thursday – We want to thank our many friends that helped get us moved to Williamson, NY. We are as settled into the house as we will get. Most things will stay packed because of the short time we will be here. Sam has been busy calling supporting churches to schedule meetings to go and report and give an update about our new ministry in Cleveland.

1/26/12 – Thursday – Dear Prayer Partners – We need your prayer and your help! We were supposed to move from the Bronx today, but the Lord had other plans. It turns out that the moving company representative gave us incomplete and incorrect information regarding the move. When the truck did not show up this morning, Sam called and after speaking to several reps was able to get some answers. The company confirmed the move with an email on January the 6th and yesterday by phone but then it somehow got cancelled in their system. Once Sam talked with a supervisor they said it would be about $7,000 to move, not the $1,500 or so they originally said. They also said they could not reschedule until next Tuesday. A church has found a driver with a CDL license that is going to be in the area this coming Monday, January 30th. We are seeing if we can get enough people that can commit to coming here to help load up the truck. We are guesstimating that we will start loading at 3pm. If we can get a group of 7 or 8 people here it will probably take 2 ½ – 3 hours to load.Can you come and help us load the moving truck? If you can come and help it would be most appreciated. If you can come and be here at 3pm this coming Monday (Jan. 30th), please call us as soon as you can so we can make plans. If we don’t get enough help for Monday we will have to try for the following weekend but we would prefer that Monday can work. Please call 718-483-8954 (home) or 315-904-4176 (cell). Many Thanks!

In Christ, Sam & Jen Lake

1/25/12 – Wednesday Last week we sent letters to our prayer & financial supporters explaining our leaving the Bronx ministry and transitioning to an inner city ministry in Cleveland, Ohio. We will still be serving with Baptist Mid-Missions. If you have any questions you can reach us at 315-904-4176. Please continue to pray for our family during this time. Thank you.

12/29/11 – Thursday Just so you know – if you received a “Metro Card” / Subway card from us in the mail it was meant as a prayer reminder. We meant to include them.

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